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How to Prepare for Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you believe you have been injured due to someone’s neglect or intent, you may want to discuss your claim with a personal injury lawyer. An attorney who is trained and experienced in this type of law can help to determine if the resulting injuries can be compensated in a court of law. If the attorney believes you have a viable case, you may be asked to prepare in several important ways.

Collect documentation.

You will be advised to collect relevant documents, such as a police report if it was a public incident, like a car accident, or medical records from a doctor or hospital. Often, a personal injury lawyer Toronto will simply ask you to sign medical releases that will allow the attorney to obtain these documents for you. Depending on the type of injury, related items such as a witness statement, lost wage statement from your employer, and other types of forms that confirm your injuries may be requested by both attorneys, one for you and the defense lawyer. This is called the discovery phase of a legal case and may take months to complete.

Prepare a list of losses.

In addition to medical bills and job-related information, additional losses should be calculated by the attorney with your help, if feasible. For example, if you were in a car accident that required physical therapy for six months, and this led to your not being able to use your gym membership, you might be able to include the unused gym membership fee portion as well as any resulting conditions that can specifically be traced to lack of exercise or other aspects of the accident, like stress. These could include increased blood pressure or anxiety. If you see a doctor and are prescribed medication for these accident-related conditions, they might become part of your legal claim. Intangible losses, like a mother being unable to care for an infant and hiring a housekeeper or babysitter, might be factored in.

Organize a timeline.

Preparing a timeline of events helps you to keep track of actions, emotions, and costs stemming from the injury. Frequent notations, usually several each week, play a valuable role in better understanding the nature of your injuries and the impact on everyday activities. Your personal injury lawyer will explain how to arrange the timeline and what kinds of information to include.

Litigation is never easy. In fact, filing a personal injury lawsuit can become very contentious. However, good preparation helps to provide peace of mind in knowing you have done everything possible to offer clear, reasonable information to support your claim.

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Five Important Details To Document After You’ve Sustained A Personal Injury

Injury events tend to leave people feeling dazed and confused. It’s important to note, however, that the actions you take during the critical moments after these events can have a significant impact on your outcome. While a personal injury lawyer can effectively guide you through the claims process, there are several things that you need to do both before and after you’ve aligned yourself with this professional. Properly documenting this event and all the expenses it entails is most important among these. Following are five details that you should diligently record as soon as you can.

The Names And Contact Information Of First-Hand Witnesses

Whenever you’re physically able to do so, always take a moment to collect the names and contact information of any witnesses who are on the scene. The statements of these individuals can help bolster your claims of negligence on the part of the responsible party. Having a feasible way for your personal injury lawyer Toronto to collect statements early on is also vital for ensuring that firsthand witnesses are able to clearly recall all that they’ve seen and heard.

Your Injury And Your Recovery Plan

Even if you lack noticeable cuts, abrasions or broken bones, be sure to go to the hospital. The feelings of shock and disorientation that are common after injury events often cause people to overlook important signs of physical trauma. Having a licensed, medical doctor investigate and document your condition will also bolster your claim, especially if you wind up being unable to settle out of court. It’s often best to additionally consult with an alternative medicine practitioner who can both establish and document a comprehensive pain management and recovery plan on your behalf.

The Condition Of Your Vehicle

If your injuries are the result of an automobile collision, take pictures of your car before leaving the scene. If your injuries are too severe to permit these actions, ask a witness or a friend to take pictures your for you. Even inexpensive and low-quality smartphones tend to be capable of creating clear and usable images.

Your Medical Expenses

Keep track of the bills that hospitals and alternative medicine practitioners like chiropractors send. Beyond these things, however, make sure to keep receipts for any medical supplies that you purchase for wound care. The costs of both prescription and over-the-counter medications can be included in your claim as well, so long as these are used for the treatment of the injury in question.

Lost Professional Opportunities

Personal injury settlements often account for the wages that people lose as the result of missed time at work. What they rarely account for, however, are the professional opportunities that accident victims miss due to their prolonged absences, extended recoveries and inability to effectively advocate for themselves. If you were poised for promotion at your job or had a major project coming up that you were suddenly no longer able to handle, these things could represent a significant financial loss to both you and any dependent family members who rely on you as breadwinner. A seasoned and truly effective personal injury lawyer can advocate on your behalf for a suitable form of compensation. This is only true, however, if your records can clearly show that the nature and timing of your injury has resulted in loss. If you believe that you’re entitled to compensation as the result of a missed professional opportunity, talk with your lawyer about how to start collecting statements and evidence to support this portion of your claim.

Good records are always essential for gaining an acceptable settlement outcome. The sooner that you start tracking and recording key information about your injury, the better your outcome will invariably be. With good representation and ample evidence on your side, you can effectively minimise the impact that an injury event has on your financial health and your overall well-being.

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