6 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

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When you want to find a personal injury lawyer who takes the time to preserve your rights and uses a proactive approach when investigating all facts in your case, use the following tips to help in your search.

1. Experience

Make sure your lawyer has the proper experience in the field of personal injury. It takes past knowledge of what to look for, where it’s found, etc. Every local area, for instance, has its own laws that relate to negligence, limitation, assumption of risk, causation and other factors that have a profound effect on your case.

Your attorney also needs to know where to try your case and how that pertains to the compensation you’ll receive later. Not every accident is clear cut in this area. What happens if a family member is injured in your home when using a particular product? It gets complicated in terms of where to bring the suit if that product was made in a different country, for example.

This is why you want to hire a personal injury lawyer with experience. Ask them specifically if they’ve taken on similar cases, how successful they’ve been, etc. This is why your best bet is hiring a lawyer who does personal injury only. If an attorney is involved in working on bankruptcies or divorces, then they’re at a disadvantage against lawyers specializing in personal injury law.

2. Are they willing to go to trial?

It’s not uncommon to meet personal injury attorneys who have never stepped foot inside a courtroom. This is not the person you want handling your case because they’ll most likely want you to settle for less money in order to avoid court.

If your insurance company knows this about your lawyer, you’re at a severe disadvantage. Your insurance company will low ball the offer because they know your attorney will bow down to any pressure they apply.

You want a lawyer who has experience trying cases in court and who will not stand for any shenanigans from the insurance carrier.

3. Reputation


You need a lawyer with a solid reputation. Not only a good reputation with past clients but also with their peers. You want to work with someone who garners respect from insurance carriers, other attorneys and judges inside the courtroom.

The best way to get a view of their reputation is to ask for referrals from past clients involved in personal injury specifically. Call these referrals. Ask them how they got along with the lawyer and how they saw that lawyer interact with other parties during the case.

4. Objectivity

Your lawyer must be objective and have your best interest at heart. You don’t want an attorney looking for a quick fix so they can move on to their next case.

5. Personality

Will you get along with your lawyer? Do you like their overall personality? You need someone you can talk to comfortably and who will be there whenever you have questions. You want to work with an attorney willing to take your phone calls during the case and who won’t blow you off when you need help.

6. Have they written or lectured in the field?

This is an often overlooked factor, but if your lawyer has written articles about personal injury or given presentations in the field, you’re working with a true expert. Ask them if this is something they’ve accomplished in their career.

As you work through the process of finding your personal injury lawyer, remember that you don’t need to rush. You have time to sift through a few options. You are hiring this person. This means you must feel comfortable in their ability to work on your behalf in a way that leaves you properly compensated at the end of the case.

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