How to Prepare for Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

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If you believe you have been injured due to someone’s neglect or intent, you may want to discuss your claim with a personal injury lawyer. An attorney who is trained and experienced in this type of law can help to determine if the resulting injuries can be compensated in a court of law. If the attorney believes you have a viable case, you may be asked to prepare in several important ways.

Collect documentation.

You will be advised to collect relevant documents, such as a police report if it was a public incident, like a car accident, or medical records from a doctor or hospital. Often, a personal injury lawyer Toronto will simply ask you to sign medical releases that will allow the attorney to obtain these documents for you. Depending on the type of injury, related items such as a witness statement, lost wage statement from your employer, and other types of forms that confirm your injuries may be requested by both attorneys, one for you and the defense lawyer. This is called the discovery phase of a legal case and may take months to complete.

Prepare a list of losses.

In addition to medical bills and job-related information, additional losses should be calculated by the attorney with your help, if feasible. For example, if you were in a car accident that required physical therapy for six months, and this led to your not being able to use your gym membership, you might be able to include the unused gym membership fee portion as well as any resulting conditions that can specifically be traced to lack of exercise or other aspects of the accident, like stress. These could include increased blood pressure or anxiety. If you see a doctor and are prescribed medication for these accident-related conditions, they might become part of your legal claim. Intangible losses, like a mother being unable to care for an infant and hiring a housekeeper or babysitter, might be factored in.

Organize a timeline.

Preparing a timeline of events helps you to keep track of actions, emotions, and costs stemming from the injury. Frequent notations, usually several each week, play a valuable role in better understanding the nature of your injuries and the impact on everyday activities. Your personal injury lawyer will explain how to arrange the timeline and what kinds of information to include.

Litigation is never easy. In fact, filing a personal injury lawsuit can become very contentious. However, good preparation helps to provide peace of mind in knowing you have done everything possible to offer clear, reasonable information to support your claim.

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