Things You Need To Know To Drive In A Foggy Climate And Avoid Getting Injured

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Foggy climate and dusty weather are no less than a nightmare for the drivers. There are numerous cases registered every year where there are accidents because of poor visibility and tough weather conditions. People get caught up in the weather and it is hard to escape. Getting through these conditions needs skill and patience. There are various things to be kept in mind while driving a car through bad weather. In case your driver is at fault and causes you an injury, you can obviously contact your personal injury lawyer Toronto.

Let’s have a look at some pro-tips which would help us get through foggy conditions:

Check For Your Speed


YOU MUST NEVER DRIVE AT A HIGH SPEED in fog. It’s a thumb rule and you must get it by heart. Drive at a slow speed which would enable to you have more time in order to see through the fog. Driving at a high-speed can lead you to disastrous consequences you wouldn’t even want to dream of!

Lighting System


The lighting system of your car plays a vital role in taking you through a fog. Because of poor visibility, it is tough to see through a fog but a good lighting system enables you to see through it. However, avoid using high beam headlights as it can cause further trouble to you. Low beam headlights are the ones you should be using in foggy conditions. The headlights should be kept turned on all the way while driving in such weather.

Patience Is The Key!


Being in a hurry to reach your destination in a bad weather is obvious. However, this hurry can lead to trouble. While driving through fog, focus on the road without thinking about getting late and most importantly, beware of the traffic on the road. It often happens that a car bangs on to the other due to poor visibility. Moreover, the driver faces problems in changing the lanes. You should avoid changing lanes continuously in fog.

Pavement Markings and Sign Boards


In heavy fog, markings can come to your rescue. Whenever driving through dense fog, keep looking around for the sign boards so that you get to know about the condition of the road and other such details. Signboards are designed in such a way that they can be visible in the fog as well. These signboards can help you get a good grip on the road.

Following Distance


This is a crucial thing while driving. Always try to keep a good following distance in a foggy weather, i.e., the distance between your car and the car before you. If you keep a good following distance, you avoid getting bumped into the car ahead while breaking. The electronically operated signboards can be an absolute boon for you!

Reduce The Distractions


Distraction here refers to the distractions in your vehicle. You should turn off your music player in your car and avoid talking too much with your co-travelers to keep yourself focused on driving. Moreover, keep the biggest distraction, i.e., your phone, out of the game. One wrong step, and you are doomed!

Hope this article would help you overcome your problems while driving in fog. So, the next time you get to drive your car in foggy conditions, keep the above points in your mind.

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